Living A Life of Gratitude – What You Will Notice

I love God with all my heart. I thank my parents for instilling in me a love of and for God. Am I perfect, far from it but I strive to do good and be good every day. I also recognize that we are all different and everything I strive for can be accomplished without believing in God. But for me, while I believe in my own ability to craft and shape my world and the world around me, I am also humbled by the things I’ve witnessed that are outside of my control, which give me even more to feel gratitude for.

Living In Gratitude and The Many Blessings You Will Notice

For example, as I craft this, I am on my way to PHL for a work trip. Already this morning three things have happened that I should be grateful for

  1. When I arrived on the flight, the TSA line was extremely long. I was sure I would not make the flight, then out of nowhere, the line opened up at the exact place I was standing and I was fast tracked to the front of the line. I arrived at the gate with 50 minutes to spare, enough time to grab breakfast a coffee and some extra snacks for the flight.
  2. Upon my arrival, I had to take a taxi to my final destination. Now because I already had used uber, all coupon codes would not work and thus I had to take time to download a coupon code and the app. This all took time on an already tight schedule. Once the cabby arrived showed that I would be 18 minutes late. I did not worry and somehow, we arrived 2 minutes late.
  3. The luncheon I traveled for required a $40 cash minimum. I only travelled with $32 and as I was running late, I did not want to stop. A few people did not show up. We sat, we chatted, ordered and once the bill arrived the lunch came to $30.30 exact per person, including taxes, and tips. I couldn’t have asked for better.
  4. My flight on the way home was delayed. In the cab on the way back, I received notification that my flight was approximately 30 minutes late. I was already scheduled to be home by 11PM at night so this would mean I would get home closer to midnight. My colleague (who I was sharing her uber with), suggested that we leave an hour earlier than we originally planned. When I received the flight late notification, it offered me but I got offered me an earlier flight. However, I did not accept in time and the option was no longer available. When we arrived at the airport, that earlier flight was scheduled to depart in 40 minutes. As we made our way through TSA in 15 minutes, I made my way to the gate of the earlier flight.   As I approached, I approached with an open mind to the possibility that the flight would have seats available. The gate attends paused, “let me call and confirm”, moments later, her received confirmation that he could upgrade me to business comfort plus and allow me to board. I boarded with two minutes to gate close.

From this day alone, I was graced with so many other blessings for which to be grateful for. I arrived back home by 7PM and was home in time to hug and put my kids to sleep. As I go through day to day, there are multiple moments for me to pause and take stock and show gratitude. And I do. I thank God for these moments of grace that I am blessed with on a daily basis.

Living A Life of Gratitude – What You Will Notice

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